9th Grade

Summer Math Scholars is a three-week summer program (9 - 12:30 each day) designed to give incoming freshman a chance to start high school above grade level in their math class. The workshops are taught by top-level math teachers. High school and college students are available as tutors. We work on math, study, thinking and communication skills. Summer math students have the chance to move up a level in math. Our goal is to make sure everyone in the program succeeds in Algebra (Integrated Math 1.0) or moves ahead to honors math.

Each student who meets the participation requirement receives a calculator, t-shirt, and school supplies. (They must attend 14 out of the 15 days, on time, do all of the work assigned, and participate positively in every activity.)

Applications are closed.


9th Grade Bridge Program is an after-school and Saturday program for freshmen at Cleveland, Franklin, Garfield, Rainier Beach, and Chief Sealth High Schools. This program is designed to increase the number of African-American, Native American, Latino and Samoan students who achieve at a 3.0 or higher GPA during their ninth grade year. During the first three years of the program, nearly 70% of MESA students have earned a 3.0 or higher GPA, compared to 20% of their peers.

Students participate twice per week, after school, throughout the school year, working in study groups with their peers and with tutors. One Saturday per month, students meet at the UW for hands-on engineering activities and mentoring. In addition to academic support and enrichment, the program focuses on four themes: Leadership, Motivation, Responsibility, and Teamwork.

Applications are now closed.

10th Grade

10th Grade MESA class is offered during the second semester of the school year as an elective science course. This course provides a hands-on, project and laboratory-based approach to the world of engineering. Students apply physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology concepts to their study of engineering. The model allows students to fully engage in the engineering process of design, build, test, analyze, and redesign. It also provides students with extensive experience in researching colleges, and developing an Individualized Academic Plan that will guide them into college.

The class is currently offered at the following schools: Cleveland, Franklin, Garfield, Ingraham, Rainier Beach, and West Seattle.

Field trips and guest speakers highlight the significance of what the students are being taught and how it is applied in the real world, providing students with a greater understanding of how technology, math and science are relevant to their everyday lives. The course of study includes: Aeronautical Engineering, College Research Unit, Career Exploration Unit, Civil Engineering, Minority Contributors to Engineering, and Transportation Engineering.


SENSE (Scholarships for Engineering Students' Education) Scholarships - Students participating in the 10th grade MESA class have the opportunity to apply for the $2,000 SENSE scholarship. It is a competitive process and several outstanding MESA sophomores receive this award each year. The scholarship is announced at our Annual Awards Reception, and each recipient is able to access their $2,000 scholarship upon enrollment in a college or university.

11th Grade

Saturday Academy occurs one Saturday per month from September through May on the University of Washington campus. Saturday Academy incorporates two different career exploration programs to engage and motivate students:  Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) to explore health-sciences careers, and Robotics to engage students in mechanical engineering. 

Working with doctors from Harborview Medical Center and graduate students from Genome Sciences, CSI provides interactive programs that include a variety of health-science related fields such as genomics, bioengineering, and medicine.  Robotics students gain experience in computer programming and work with UW Mechanical Engineering students in preparation for a Robotics competition at the end of the school year.

The program is open to current MESA students.  Applications come out in late March, and are made available through their 10th grade MESA classes.

12th Grade

Saturday Academy for Seniors offer 12th grade MESA students help with the college application process, essay writing and applying for scholarships and financial aid. We offer an SAT Prep Course followed by College Application Workshops, where MESA staff and volunteers provide one-on-one assistance and advising, to ensure they are on schedule for college acceptance.

The Saturday sessions are twice a month on the University of Washington campus, beginning in September and running through January.  Students apply at the end of their junior year after completing the Saturday Academy for Juniors program.