In Seattle MESA, we focus on at-risk and economically disadvantaged youth, including under-represented minorities and women. Our programs provide middle and high school students, and their teachers and parents, with innovative, hands-on opportunities in mathematics, basic and applied science, and engineering in both formal and informal settings.

Seattle MESA envisions a vibrant, inclusive STEM community of career professionals in greater Seattle that is collectively innovating how we work, think, and live more responsibly on the land and in the community.

The Seattle MESA mission is to engage a diverse group of students in STEM activities that connect mathematics and science fundamentals to real world examples of use, provide hands-on experience, and demonstrate a range of professions and career paths that students can chart through college and beyond.

Seattle MESA is hosted by the College of the Environment at the University of Washington. We are led by a Director who works with our Senior Coordinator and a range of content experts to design and deliver in-class, after school, weekend, and summer programming. Our Advisory Board is made up of STEM professionals at major employers in western Washington, as well as parents, teachers and education professionals.